Monday, December 15, 2008

It has been a long time

I have been so wrapped up in the building of the house, not Christmas shopping , and not finding a new place in Melbourne, Florida and definitely not finding a place in Washington DC that I have not had a chance to blog. I promise I will start back as soon as I can.
Please don't write me off.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Happy Holloween and Congratulations...

WOW! I have had a very busy last 2 weekends. I am so exhausted but so happy. All of this craziness is very welcome in my world these days. You see, from February to October all we think about is baseball. Not that it is so bad but with baseball comes the absence of family, friends, holidays, birthday parties and weddings. In season, we wake up go eat "brunch" take Josh to field (30 min drive) then head back to get Rhett a nap, wake up... get ready for 7:05 game and go...get back about 11:30PM...sleep...repeat....again and again....and again for 8 months. I love the baseball part too...but all us being together is what I live for!
So as muy cansada as I am....I am savoring every moment.

So first off, the Birthday party. It was suppose to be at Spring Park but the rain came...and went but the mud and cold wet night stayed. So....we decided to get an inflatable slide from Todd Meckes and have it at the traditional "Jaynes" birthday place, Stony Point Activities building.

So this is how Rhett's birthday started.

I asked Rhett what he wanted for breakfast and he said, "pancakes!" So I fixed him Mickey Mouse pancakes and attempted a choo-choo train....but didn't work out too well.

So, it's Friday...It is very important that he sees the garbage truck. Daddy and Rhett waited and just like clockwork our very nice driver honked his horn for our little birthday boy, as he does every Friday morning.

Ok, DO NOT LET HIM FOOL YOU. I worked all morning on this thing fighting Rhett off the whole took me forever...Josh was gone and stepped in for the picture because I looked very frightful.

He loved it already...he had no idea what was coming later!

SUGARBAKERS- half chocolate chunk/ half vanilla...mmmmm good!

Rhett was so excited to finally see those candles lit again! It is an every day thing he asks for.

Rhett LOVES blowing out the candles!
He loved having all of his cousins at the party!

Rhett had a ball on the slide and was not scared at all! BIG thanks to Amy Rutledge for making this precious sweatshirt for Rhett!

Daddy had as much fun as Rhett....and came real close to busting the whole slide, not to mention a close call bouncing off the slide completely...I can see it now...."Willingham out for the season with broken tail bone." This pic might have gone along with it:
I finally found something that everyone enjoyed! So glad it rained!
Pinata time!
Mighty Jesse busted the thing WIDE OPEN!

It was a real hit!Amy gave me the idea of taking a picture of Rhett and Josh every year to see how he grows....Rhett, not Josh :)Yea! I survived my second birthday party! It was worth it all! We had so much fun! comes Halloween!

So...Halloween was a little different this year....great nonetheless.

ROLL TIDE! My grandmother Parker. She lives at Columbia Cottage.

Memaw Ruby....Josh think Rhett and Memaw look alike.

We didn't get to do much trick-or-treating. I had Bridesmaid luncheon and rehearsal. So we let Rhett go to Trunk-or-treat at Stony Point.

So now for the Congratulations! Brock and Brooke got married! Josh, Rhett and me were all in the wedding! We are so tired but it was so much fun!

And all in between...I was also building a house!! I will post those pictures soon!

I will also try and post some wedding pictures asap!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mommy for 2 years

2 years have quickly passed since my sweet little man was born. We are actually a week a way but know this week is going to be hectic so I decided to do it now.

I had no idea what I was getting my self in to. Yes, I loved the days when it was just Josh and me eating out and going to movies and staying out as late as we wanted, but by far having Rhett trumps everything I have ever done! I am dead serious...I know you parents out there totally agree.

I cannot describe what this little man has done for us. He makes me so happy and I am so in love!!!

I LAUGH ALL THE TIME! Rhett is so funny these days......

He is a talker...he talks constantly and says the most hilarious things(things I had no idea he even knew about.) He is putting together sentences and he understands possession and past tense. I know this sounds weird but he really talks like we do. He loves to play baseball with Daddy and Daddy loves it more than Rhett. He loves bath time and he might be the only kid on the face of the earth that loves getting his hair washed. I make sure I give his scalp a little massage then he dumps water on his head and face and giggles to no end. In fact, the more water splashed on his face the harder he giggles. He loves the water....he is a fish like his Daddy. He loves his sand box and dumps sand on his head too like the water. He is a strange eater these days but for the most part he will try anything. He loves marshmallows(thanks Trey), Chocolate Milk, Coffee(I know..terrible Mommy, but he swipes it when I am not looking then cries when I take it away! He even says, "mmmm, I love coffee!". HILARIOUS! He loves chicken, hush puppies, rice, EDAMAME(he loves striping the soybeans from the pods), biscuits and APPLE BUTTER(this is a once a day request.) He loves books and if it rhymes he will try his best to repeat exactly what you say. He can count to 13 or 14. He says part of the ABC's. He loves to sing...his favorites are...Blessed be the name, Day 1(thanks to Miss Hilda), Take me out to the ballgame( there might be as many 6 "strikes your out"), and our favorite is "oh my darling:Jaynes style).

He loves the Doodlebops, Wiggles, Wow Wow Wubzy and Elmo.

My favorite thing at the moment he says, "Mommy". At any given moment he grabs me, wraps his arms around me and with the sweetest little smile he says, "Maaahmee." I melts me every is like he is saying "I love you, you are my best friend and I can't get enough!" I feel the same way!!!

He is by far the best thing that has happened to us....I cannot imagine my life without him. He is my little buddy. I cannot thank God enough for this precious life he has let me borrow! I also can't thank Josh enough for being the best Daddy any little boy could ask for. Josh is super involved and spends so much quality time with him! It stinks during the season so much being away from him because we miss him so much but right now, having Josh here with us every day makes those 8 months worth it.
Thanks for letting me dish and brag about my sweet Rhett. I could have written more... and he is a little stinker too....that can be saved for another blog, plus all this love inside of me sort of erases all those things I get frustrated with him for.
Let the 2's begin.......
(P.S. I am sound asleep in the picture above. He loves for me to wrap my arms tight around him when he goes to sleep...he is usually saying "hold me Mommy" even if I am holding him as tight as I can. This is also pretty comfy so I usually fall out too!)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A day at UNA

We started out leaving my mom's house thinking I was going to meet Josh downtown for lunch. I thought, we ought to go see Una and Leo III while down there. I told Rhett, "we ought to see the Lions today." Well, that was the end of it. I pulled into our driveway to get ready and the fit started.....(these are getting more and more common the closer to age 2 he gets)....He cried and cried because he thought we were seeing the lions right then and there.

We went to Ricatoni's to eat, all the while he kept talking about the lions.

Here we go!! {I must add that the campus is so much prettier than when I was there...It was a construction zone that I paid for with parking fees and tuition....guess my little man can enjoy it.}

If I let him wear black, he has to be cute!

" WATER FOUNTAIN!"" I see the lions!"

Yes, that's right....this is what he was so excited about! He got to ride the lion! Isn't it funny how excited a child can get....over a concrete lion?

Leo woke up to say "RROOAAAR!" to Rhett!

Rhett chased a squirrel into the bushes!

Earlier that morning at my mom's we discussed squirrels, acorns and falling leaves.

Rhett found an acorn and thought he could coax the squirrel out of the bushes. He said, "hewe Qurrel, I got a acorn fo you." So stinking cute!!!! I love every minute of him learning and soaking up everything you tell him!!!

We were watching the many squirrels climb this tree and I had to take a moment and take a picture of this tree! Isn't it so pretty....think I could move this tree to my yard when my house is built?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Brick are here!

It is a muddy mess but they finally brought the brick today!
The brick is called "St. Augustine" and we are using a light gray morter.

Yea! My brick are finally here! Hopefully they will start in the morning if the brick are dry.
I had a hard time finding the exact brick I wanted. I love St.. Michael's catholic church(st florian)...always have. I have driven by 400 times looking at the brick and stone on that church hoping that one day I could find that brick/morter/stone combo. That brick is somewhere around 100 years old so they don't make it anymore obviously. I finally found this one and I love it!
As far as the rest of the house...I am waiting on my stinking plumber to actually do his job. He has almost been fired too many times. I will call him "Bob". He promises he will finish tomorrow....we will see if he shows. If "Bob" doesn't show tomorrow I will be fit to be tied. As Josh is telling everyone involved in the house..."don't get the Warden mad!" The electrician has had so much to do with all of Josh's whole house audio and surround sound. He is working Saturday and will be finished!!! Thank goodness! The insulation will be in Monday and Tuesday then the drywall can start tuesday or wednesday! I hope and pray we can be in around Christmas/new years. I will be so sad if we don't get to enjoy the house before we have to head back to Florida. But props again to my Diddy for building this thing with another full-time job!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My sweet Rhett after playing at his new house all morning....he fell asleep eating his "Waviowi!"

Everyone says building a house is one of the most stressful things on a marriage. We love it! We have had so much fun with this house. I may not feel the same way come December. My daddy is building the house and he has done a fantastic job! Josh just got home so he is just in time to help make the decisions.

Rhett tryng to open up his big front door.
Basement stairs
This is the playroom. I cut a window in the wall. The otherside is the worlout room. This way I can watch Rhett play while I workout.

Front of the house....the brick and rock should arrive tomorrow so they will get started soon.
This is the back and side..I love my back porches already!
Rhett is always wanting to go to "Rhett's house" and he loves to help any way he can!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Spaghetti boy!

"No way." One of Rhett's favorite phrases....he says it very soft and sneaky though.
"I ate all de noodles Daddy"

Rhett wanted to talk about his spaghetti more than eat it.

I tried with no avail to put a video on here....if anyone has any suggestions on what I do I would love it!!

Rhett loves Billy the Marlin...Rhett calls him "Marlin the Billy".
Josh, Rhett, Hudson and Cody....Best buds!

Rhett and Josh running the bases. Every Sunday we did this before all the other kids came on the field.

This is Rhett and his best buddy Hudson. His daddy is on Josh's team.

This is "little Hammer". Daddy's nickname in baseball is Hammer so naturally Rhett is little Hammer. He loves dressing up like Daddy!