Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring Training happenings

We have been in Melbourne Florida now for about 11 days. We are getting settled in, I guess. Settled in as much as you can in a rented apartment with rented furniure..with no pictures on the wall.

We live about a mile and half from the stadium Josh is playing in. Josh goes to the field everyday at about 7:30 AM. Rhett has been getting up so early so it hasn't been a problem getting up and taking Josh. The weather is nice but has been really cool in the morning. One morning Josh took the car so Rhett and I walked to get the car. The weather, to my surprise was very cold. I was in my workout capris, t-shirt and "Fit-Flops". Rhett was in his stroller in a polo and pants. We FROZE the whole way and two men walked by us in their PARKAS all covered up. I felt terrible that I put poor Rhett through that windy walk. Needless to say, we now take him to the park so that we have the car the rest of the day.

Josh was getting home around 2 or 3, but the games started yesterday and the schedule has changed some. He still leaves in the morning at the same time. Rhett and me get to the game at 1 then Josh plays for about the first 4 innings then the starters can go home. Josh works out and takes a few more rounds in the cage then showers up and we all drive home at about 4.

For me it is a long day without Josh. Rhett and me have a ball, but if we were in Florence we might go see my Mama or go eat lunch with a friend or something that gives me contact with someone that I might is amazing what you take for granted when you live Florence. Even going to Target, gas station, grocery store you see people you know. Being in a new town on a new team you have to find things to entertain you.

I enrolled Rhett and me in Gymoboree class. It is a mommy and me class filled with learning, music and physical activity. Here is Rhett at class:
It is so blurry because it was taken with my phone and he was swinging. We go once a week and we have so much fun!

We went to the beach the other day but it was cold and cloudy. We got to watch surfers, put our feet in(Brrrr) and then we built some sand castles! We decided it was too cold for shorts and headed home.
The boys had a ball!!!!

Rhett loved watching his Daddy at this years first Spring Training game.

Josh and Miguel Cabrera, former teamate.

They played together from 2000-2007.

Josh walked his first at-bat.

Josh looks so different in a Nats uniform. I think I like it...patriotic!
Josh was doing some extra hitting after he played yesterday.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amy, Ginger, Rhett and Josh go to DC

Well this is very outdated but when looking at my pictures trying to figure out what to blog about, I figured I would skip the holidays and go to the DC trip. Josh had fanfest he had to attend so I decided to ask my sweet sister to accompany us to help me find us a place to live during the season. We will be there from April to October.

Oh how quickly I found out how different it is from sunny South Florida....

Amy, Rhett and I had a different flight from Josh(since MLB requires him to fly 1st Class...ha...we got there in 1 and half and Josh had to fly to Atlanta first then to DC taking him 4 hours!). Amy, R and I had the funniest(craziest) cab driver, telling us that the week of inauguration was crime-free, unlike heaven where the angels would be "touching" us. I think that pretty much sums up our entire cab ride to the hotel.
Then while waiting on Josh we decided to take on the cold and wind and walk to the Capitol.

We were soooo cold walking back!

We rode in a cab the whole time. Rhett was hilarious and had to ask every cab driver their name, then I had the chore of having to pronounce them back for him. The nicest one we had was Abu(and easiest to say). Ironically, we were hailing a cab on the last day and we got in the cab and the the guy turned around and Rhett said, "Abu!" Yep, it was Abu again. There are 5,000 cab drivers in Washington DC and we got the same one twice in 3 days!

We found a celebrity while we were there, and honestly we were hoping he would give us a little bite on the neck while we got our picture made with him. Who would have thought we would have seen EDWARD standing in the window of a music and dvd store!

Then we went to Benni Hana's to eat for dinner. Josh got to have the night off from doing Nationals stuff

Mamie and Rhett had so much fun together! He had her all to his self! Our brother use to wrap Jacob up in a towel then spin him out so we decided to do it with Rhett on our big king size bed at the hotel!
He loved it! Josh was on one side and Amy was on the other getting ready to keep from spinning off of the bed!

We walked to the Smithsonian one day....Natural history is really cool! Rhett loved the dinosaurs and loves them to this day now.

Rhett was making same face as the skull.

There was so much for Rhett to learn about there. We can't wait to be there all the time!!

This was the funniest thing we saw the whole trip! This little ol man was a security guard at the Smithsonian! He was sound asleep and almost fell off the bench. He woke up stood up then gave us history lesson to keep himself awake!! He was so cute!!

After we went apt hunting one day we got to go visit Josh at his new stadium!

Daddy then took Rhett for a ride in the locker room!

After a long day we went to "Lucky Strike" bowling is a celebrity hot spot...we had so much fun watching Rhett bowl!

Love this picture of Amy and Rhett! Josh only beat me by one pin!

Had to take a picture of Amy next to the Gettysburg address, because to this day she can still recite it!

This is Amy and Rhett next to the Vietnam War Memorial.

We went to a lot more of the memorials that day but it was so cold! We were freezing and hated to make Rhett suffer any more!

We loaded up, Josh met us at the airport and we all got to fly home together. We got us a place to stay and saw and appreciated our Country's history more than ever. We are now excited about starting this new chapter in our lives. I think we will have a lot of very cool experiences. I will miss my sweet Marlin girls but it will be a nice change to see another part of the country.