Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, this morning I was feeling more energetic than normal. I thought, now is a good time to start back my workouts. I have been pretty bad since I left Florence because I have no one to keep Rhett while I go. So, I found a Gold's 6/10 of a mile from our condo...pretty convenient huh? They even have a kids club for Rhett. Josh was home but I decided to give him a break and take Rhett to play with other kids. Well off I went. Arrived right in time for Body Pump, filled out a little paper work then took Rhett to the kids club. I filled out a little form for Rhett and checked him in. I told the lady it was my first time at the club....she informed me of the fee for next time($3). OK, Rhett reluctantly found toys and went to town playing. I left and went to Body Pump. I picked up right where I left and was feeling really good during the work out. Then, I got all muscles shut down feeling very fatigued. I overdid myself. SHOOT! I scooted out a few minutes early and caught my breath. I walked down to get Rhett and he was BAWLING!!!!! I mean he was snubbing and couldn't breathe!!! He was standing ALL alone. He never cries!!! I have NEVER seen him cry like this! INSTANTLY I started crying. I asked them how long he had been crying and they just SHRUGGED their shoulders and told me they tried to find me. Hysterically, I told them I was in Body Pump. They said we put his name up.

WHAT?!!!!! Put his name up? What does this mean? Then a girl picking up her little boys said, "Is his name Rhett?" Oh my goodness, I didn't see his name! I was in the VERY back with about 50 girls how was I suppose to see it? It is a card that they put in the window. If you saw this place you would is one big solid window in a huge room with a hundred posters and signs!
Anyway, I have never cried like I cried today. I know, I didn't know he was crying. Obviously, I would have been there in a heart beat if I had only known. But Rhett didn't know that. Rhett was heart broken and just didn't understand why his Mommy had left! I asked him why he was crying and he said, "I duust..sniff, sniff.... wanted...snub,snub... my Mommy!"
Talk about heart broken. I came back to the condo and Josh thought someone had died. I literally lost it. Anyway, I think I will settle down a little and call and complain. I know they are a legit place that left out a tiny detail. But that tiny detail broke my baby's heart and nobody messes with my baby's heart!
So the moral of the story? Don't work out. I will probably even be sore tomorrow.

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  1. ha ha ha! I love it! I think I'll take your advice and hang out on the couch tonight. Thanks for making me feel better about my decision!!
    (Poor Rhett... tell him Aunt Cortney has some marshmallows for him to make him feel better...)


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