Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can they really enforce this?

Saturday before Easter, I, along with Bridgett decided to take Rhett to the mall to see the Easter bunny. While I went and bought a very "Heavenly" ham, Bridgett stood in the line with Rhett. I arrived just in time for Rhett to jump in the Easter Bunny's lap. I told Bridge to take my camera and snap some outside the fence. As Rhett was sitting in the Bunny's lap I thought, "shoot, I better snap one on my phone and send it to Josh." I snapped one and put my phone in my pocket. Then the lady told me to come look at the picture she took. Of course I wasn't going to pay for a picture. I just wanted Rhett to see the Easter Bunny. I examined the picture acted interested then said, "No thanks!"
Well.....thats when it got interesting.
The lady then said, "Did you take one with your phone?" I said yes, then the other woman motioned at Bridgett and she said "SHE IS!"
Well evidentally there was a sign that said if you take a picture with your phone or camera you have to pay for a picture....then under those words it said, "SHOPLIFTERS WILL BE PROCECUTED!"
So I had to pay for a $10 off-centered faded 5x7 picture! Should Bridgett have taken the picture form Victoria's Secret and zoomed in? Would Victoria's Secret thought she was taking pics of underwear and made her pay for them?
Can you really enforce that rule? Would they have arrested me for SHOPLIFTING?
So now we have to even be careful of what we take pictures of? Can I take a picture of Josh playing baseball? Will MLB arrest me? How far will people go? Have any of you ever had a similar thing happen to you?
I told them gently how I felt... after all, Rhett had his picture taken with Easter bunny in Florida last year and you could stand there and take as many pics as you wanted! I really didn't want to cause a scene so I paid them my $10 plus tax.....and left feeling discouraged, wronged, cheated.....and a wee bit ticked.
Is it that big of a deal? In the whole scheme of things? No, of course not. But these are just the type of things that just really drive me crazy. I have had plenty of's return know, just customer service issues in general.
What do you think??


  1. Don't even get me started on Target's return policy!!!!

  2. HA! I thought that you were going to say that they tried to take your phone and I was thinking this is about to get ugly!

  3. Sis, you know how I feel about Target! Remember my very eloquently worded letter to headquarters! And yes, it is very sad dayin America when you can be charged with shoplifting for making a picture of your OWN child! You should have charged THEM for making a picture of your child without YOUR permission! That, my dear sister, is THEFT OF PROPERTY! You have a nice little scar across your belly that serves as copyrights on that angellic face!

  4. I thought you were going to say that they made you delete the picture on your phone. There is no way they would have "prosecuted" you for not paying for a picture. You should have told them that if they insist on you buying a picture, then you would like a quality picture and make them re-take the picture. That is so annoying!

  5. So does the one about Gold's count as a customer service issue? I think it does!
    Sis- you crack me up at how RIGHT you are!


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